Of course, all Trainings can be carried out virtually as Online-Trainings


  • The first 100 days in a leadership role:
    Analyzing the initial situation, do´s and don'ts for the first 100 days, developing key relationships, developing a vision and goals, initiating change effectively, using symbols and rituals constructively.
  • Basics of leadership:
    Leadership styles, situational leadership, transfer of leadership models into practical actions, delegation, motivation, recognition and criticism, manager as coach, exchange about self-perception and feedback of others.
  • Management by objectives:
    Leading with goals and objective key results, appraisal of performance, personnel development, annual appraisal meeting and interview.
  • Hot potatoes - leading difficult conversations:
    Criticize a poor performance or behavior, rejection of requests, conversation on absenteeism, warning, separation and termination.
  • Advanced leadership:
    Hot potatoes - leading difficult conversations, dealing with conflicts in the team or with team members, change management, virtual leadership, collegial consulting, leadership personality.
  • Agile Leadership:
    Agility and self-organization, principles and mindset of agile leadership, role as an agile manager, leadership style of an agile manager, coaching, take influence, the power of persuasion, methods of agile leadership, transfer into practice.

Trainings on methods

  • Project management:
    Project assignment and goals, design of the initial phase, risk analysis, stakeholder analysis, project organization, methods and tools of planning, controlling, project closure.
  • Agile scrum project management:
    Importance of agile project management, Scrum and Kanban, application of scrum outside of IT, 3 pillars in agile projects, planning of agile projects, roles in agile project teams, methods in agile project management (sprints, backlogs, burndown charts, reviews, retrospectives), self-organization in agile teams, optional: preparation for certification as Scrum Master or Product Owner.
  • Leadership in projects:
    Project manager as leader, leadership in projects, leading project meetings, motivation of team members, solving conflicts in the project, recognition and criticism, coaching of current participant projects.
  • Conflict management:
    Types of conflicts, use of situationally appropriate conflict styles, approach and design for conflictual conversations, toolbox for de-escalation, solving conflicts constructively as concerned or third party.
  • Successful negotiation:
    Effective preparation, proposing, trading, making arrangements, arguing, tactics and techniques, the Harvard Concept of negotiation, dealing with difficult negotiators, getting agreements, closing a negotiation.
  • Leading meetings successfully:
    Different types of meetings, structuring and design of meetings, efficient and goal-oriented execution of meetings, leading and managing meetings effectively, moderation techniques, role of a moderator and a meeting leader.
  • Successful presentation:
    Efficient preparation, target group-oriented presentation, professional structure of a presentation, successful handling of media, storytelling, optimization of personal appearance.
  • Rhetoric:
    Giving free speeches successfully, how to convince people, structure and composition of speeches, inform-convince-sell, body language and voice, dealing with stage fright, deal constructively with disturbances.
  • Communication and leading conversation successfully:
    Sender-receiver model, four layers of a message, body language, active listening, giving and receiving feedback, techniques for leading conversations, principles and guidelines for conversations, leading difficult conversations constructively and sovereign, rhetorical techniques.